Way back in time priests (or "miracle workers") would chant / whisper "secret words" to heal and empower subjects.
Then subjects would "wake up" empowered beyond belief. This is the fundamental basis of this hypnosis with some
added perks found "on the inside" given the power of nowadays present technology. You could as well lock-up yourself in a peaceful place, room or a cell if you like so (making sure nobody interrupts the hypnotic process) and let the magic work its way in.

It's like meditation on auto-pilot mode with the a very potent element added to the mix; you're guided by the Cosmic Master. Somebody who knows the hypnosis game and its inner workings so you can evoke untold dynamic out of the awakening session. It's a crucially transformative modus operandi that enkindles an unmatchable ability to envision and perform.

Just imagine having reached a quite potent "trance state" of a mental fortitude... as perfectly orchestrated words and
sentences spill out of your speakers that jingle their way in... perforating deep in the subconscious mind. We are talking about magical inductions that touch every fiber of your psyche and supercharge your entire being, like Alice popped out of the Wonderland.

Imagine as you move out of the ordinary, deepening in the inner realms, crossing your way to the unknown. Now that you have found the key to this mystical world of wonders, you want to keep it stashed for good - each and every time you transcend to the occult. This is your little "secret" to mega success in life, even in after-life. Because you will get to know secrets unbeknownst to many; this time your life gets to have a purpose.

What's not found in books and literature is the transmissible energy of this program - that means:

A) You get to "feel" the "amazement" of the unreal

B) You tap into the subconscious realms in true alpha state of mind

C) You realize the transformation taking place in quantum speed

No more will you have a grave difficulty identifying the mechanisms inside the "ultra mind". No longer will you have to
cope with inadequacy that hinders the ability to envision - step up the game and see past the obvious. Once personal power resurfaces, the physiological chemical balances of the brain restructure to optimal settings and this results in a phenomenal adaptation with a high awareness that's above the fold of what constitutes the average.

This type of power purports to a delicate cast of people with the naturally inclined proclivity to operate in a distinct
wavelength and that can be stimulated with hypnosis to ferret out as what pertains to - the ultra mind. Once the subject is exposed to this kind of hypnotic control, all pertinent neurological functions accelerate cognition levels leading to a profound awakening.

Factually, it is not that uncommon to every so often stumble on people who relish positions in power and elevated social perks, not merely by their financial status but the certain possessed idiosyncrasy - a "frame of mind" - that flies under the radar; undetectable. The grand opening for full time freedom. This technology will take meditation to another level like remotely influencing people and circumstances to achieve the end result.

Success now grows out of habit... you habitually understand the sheer force found inside and are able to outmaneuver anything that gets in the middle. You will unquestionably transmute to the kind of person you always wanted, packing in oodles of dynamic and beyond belief prowess. You will cultivate a fertile basis, your own secret launchboard to turn any ambition into a very sound, graspable and ultimately attainable realization.

The Awakener is a digitized matrix form version of an alternate reality. Takes the subject inside to experience a projected apotheosis that enciphers supreme intellect and a paragon of noesis. Like opening a crypt and encountering your surrogate self - the "double impact" phenomenon.

The Matrix Mechanics

Launch The Awakener and use your speakers or headphone, then lay flat on your bed. Stay relaxed, take a few deep breathings and stay loose as the program starts. Next thing you know is being guided by TA all the way deep in the oceanic subconscious abyss. You will encounter vivid or vague images depending on your concentration levels. You will also see faces or random events. Try to participate... negotiate your goals ... your aspirations... talk your way in the matrix and keep following through voice reverberating all over your room. Make that a twice a week "ritual" until things starting manifesting in your favor. Sometimes you will face challenges like in real life. Stay strong! As far as I can tell nobody was harmed in the matrix!

As the matrix is a "boundless" Universe you will undergo of all sorts of experiences and eerie messages which might easily sound unreasonable at first but you will grasp the meaning through time, especially when you return to reality ... they will become the driving force versus the daily pet and peeve and you'll be able to handle matters with unseen readiness ... if not an alarming intelligence. Remember: you only use this dimension to manifest as long as the session lasts. Then every bit will be taken care of on the fly.

                                          Success Wise...People will be wondering what you've been doing 'backstage'

Let's make some things clear. This program is not for ordinary Josephs out there... it's crafted for the strong minded individuals who can't bear the idea like taking NO for an answer. Folks who won't budge... I am mentioning this as the messages inside are profound beyond reason and to be fair enough, what one encounters in the matrix is realms of trigger-happy hypnotic messages that can blast off any remnants of conventionalism.

That's why I created The Awakener for starters... because HYPERNOESIS works and can take you there....the BIG PICTURE is all over the place in big bold neon letters.

Duration: 15:54 minutes

Filetype: WMV

Price: €199