Prosperity is Manifested Through Perception and Opening Portals Inside The Mind

From: "Cosmic Master News" <>
Subject: Prosperity is Manifested Through Perception and Opening Portals Inside The Mind
Date: May 17th 2016

The effects the PROSPECTUS programming have had on me,
the first period I've used it. It's amazingly incontrovertible
how it affected my thinking process towards the acquisition of
material things and how things manifested both inwards and outwards.

Day 1-3: Felt terrific about myself and my mind started spinning
and coming up with new ideas. I started leaning towards a kind of
mindset that made me feel unconquerable.

Day 4-15: I began to conceptualize solid ideas that would boost
my bottomline and felt the urge to fulfill them. I kind of felt
an insatiable desire to materialize my thoughts with an unseen
drive. My confidence? Ultra penetrating.

Day 16 and on: My intelligence skyrocketed and I could reverse
engineer processes that lead to wealth creation. I would do
in-depth research with pure joy along with aha moments and
epiphanies. I started having a solid feel and grasp with
numbers like I was a mathematical genius (never been before).

Today I can still sense the effect and get in trance
as if I am possessed by an invincible force that steers
my thoughts exactly where needed. Monetary gains, an
uncompromised mindset and oomph coming literally out of...


I am positive that PROSPECTUS opened a portal because I
just can't out of trance, that's ultra uplifting and euphoric.

That's what happens when you get hypnotically implanted
an array of mind-melting commands that epitomize the
liberation both of the mind and spirit.

Master your mind and you can achieve anything.

- Cosmic Master

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