Tapping into the Parallel Universe with Hypnosis

From: "Cosmic Master News" <george@cosmicmaster.com>
Subject: Tapping into the Parallel Universe with Hypnosis
Date: May 27th 2016

Once every so often, when I get hypnotized reaching deep levels of trance,
a blue dot appears right before my eyes and I get sucked in to a spiraling vortex.

This takes place when I use the Dream Matrix program.

Also my whole place quakes and I get lured in to a matrix for a matter of minutes.

It was very frightening at first because I was thinking, I'd never come back.

But nowadays I'm addicted to it and teleport to other dimensions, the so called
parallel universes which are an alternate version of our reality. Do you want to
know what takes place in there... it's not the future per se but a carbon copy of
our selves interacting with an alternative reality.

This is where I found my potential soulmate in there. Once in the matrix, I tried to
explain to her that this was just an alternate version of a reality and we wouldn't be
there for long. She thought I was nuts, made a couple of steps back, grabbed her phone
and started dialing the police.

Had I been arrested, I'd probably get stuck in that matrix and wouldn't tap on the
blue hole again, making my return back seemingly impossible. So I jumped into the
hole and teleported back where it all started from, my very own room.

Why shouldn't I stay in the matrix? Because I'd have no identity in there and without one,
you'd end up in a mental clinic or go through hoops of being a nobody. Because without
an identity you are "nobody".

You see, when you're hypnotized for a past life regression session, what really happens
is that you immerse to another reality and it is the sole duty of the hypnotist to pave
the path of you coming back. And what you're experiencing right now is just a version of
a reality.

For example If you'd kill me in the matrix, I might just pass out in the current reality.

So you're fundamentally changing the course of history depending on your actions in there.

So be very prudent in the matrix just in case a portal opens up and you get teleported.

- Cosmic Master

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