Killer Persuasion Tips

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Subject: Killer Persuasion Tips
Date: June 14th 2016

I know you'll enjoy this cajoling one because it can get you far.

The more you exercise it, the more your influence will grow.

It taps on the ego of your listener.

Oh wait, you would be the listener in this case.

I like talking brief and cutting down to the chase. So...

When in conversation mode, you start asking questions.

Questions that revolve around the subject's favorite topics.

Then you put emphasis on asking more questions until the subject listener,
gets into a mild trance. Because that's what usually happens. Then you start
framing words that your subject uses to manipulate the discussion and bring
it where you want. You also subtly nod in agreement. Smirk occasionally.

This stratagem will get "prospects" to be fond of you.

Start scanning the conversation for "hot" words that are mostly predominant.

Then restructure sentences using the very same words...they use.

Now you're free to ingeniously imply suggestions based on previous chit-chats and have them subliminally agree with whatever you have to say.

Choose your words wisely and with enough persistence you will have them do your bidding.

It works on negotiations, dating, business... you name it.


Envision your next discussion (don't sell yourself prematurely like on the first encounter).

When you become a maven of visualization, you will envisage the whole
discussion taking place and you will know what they will think of you,
what words they will utter next and you start remotely decanting commands
in their subconscious.

While using RI use the same style you used when they grew to like you (crucial).

Ideally you strike a "physical" conversation with whoever tickles your fancy
and then implement remote influence. Get them to grow fond of you first, then apply your telepathic influence.

More advanced tactics may apply, like swarming into their dreams through a
matrix. Sorcerers also have a firm grasp on "soul snatching", like getting
a target to expose their "soft spots" and then use these to exercise influence.

Like a "mind hacker" you create a carbon copy of their subconscious in a
matrix (a memory lane) and then toy around with their needs and wants.

What are you waiting for...make them love you...make them __________.

- Cosmic Master

P.S. Practice makes perfect along with deep-in-trance visualization (don't give up).

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