Reality is just a perception.We're living in a dream.

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Subject: Reality is just a perception.We're living in a dream.
Date: July 7th 2016

About once a week, while falling asleep I listen to the Dream Matrix.

While I listen, I get teleported to another world where fantasy meets
reality. I am a proficient dreamer. And reality conspirator.

You see, when deep trance governs reality, as a subject listener,
you get the virtual ticket to the other side. A world of wonders.

Imagine closing your eyes and hallucinating to the beat of hypnosis.

The magnetic voice of a hypnotist opens a tunnel in your mind and
before you know get transported to another dimension.

That's an out of body experience or extreme lucid dreaming.

When you're in a theta state of mind you can start manifesting
while the track plays in the back of your head. The Cosmic Master
does the manifestation for you because at that point, you have
little to no control of your subconscious.

Thus you accelerate time and manifestation happens inordinately faster.

You start having stimulating dreams that ultimately affect reality.

Now every dream means something to you. Something special.

You can use those dreams as a roadmap to reach your desired destination.

Just let the program play in the background.

Let the incoming hypnotizing messages float your boat and sweep you by
to a cornucopia. This is when you start playing God games with your mind.

- Cosmic Master

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