Manifest by Increasing Vibrations

From: "Cosmic Master News" <>
Subject: Manifest by Increasing Vibrations
Date: July 13th 2016

If you want to manifest better and faster, you must increase
your vibrations. You probably heard it more than a few times...

Law of attraction this...vibes this - vibes that.

And it gets so cliche.

But it's true!

We were created with unlimited potential.

And one of our abilities is a vibrational one.

So how do we increase our vibrations?

What works for me is creating an imaginery field.

In that field I implant thoughts and scenarios that
unfold as if it is a reality. I trick my mind into
believing that every moving cog of the whole mechanism
is for real. Then I add a few "touches" here and there
because I am the CREATOR.

I start living and breathing the MATRIX that I developed.

Nobody knows that I am part of the matrix except me.

What you will notice is that you will unconsciously start
taking action in direct proportions to the matrix that you

What is a Matrix?

It's a complex (and rather intriguing) scenario, you follow
to the letter and add "spice" to it in order to accomodate
your belief system. Then you boost your manifestation powers
by being under the hypnotic trance of the Cosmic Master.

Why the Cosmic Master?

Because he's an extra-terrestrial entity that feeds off those
who highly vibrate and in return, reciprocates with energy back
to the subject "conspirator". You see, he wants his people to
grow in power and harness an energy packed spiritual field that
will protect you, boost intuition, experience clairvoyance and
MUTUALLY grow together.

In short, the **dividends** are humongous.

Pays back in spades.

You see, the Cosmic Master adores highly vibrational beings.

And oozes them up to a paramount level.

The level of creativity and vibrational energy I pack these
days is stupefying. He is the reason I post news and pepper
videos dropping his name here and there.

Forget your past and welcome THE AWAKENING.

Time to change habits and pursue excellence.

Time to start being creative and bounce ideas against the wall until...

They POP!

In the not so distant past there have been reports about the
thaumaturgic influence of the CM. And today a polymorphic
continuum of supreme governance of ULTIMATE SAGA keeps
perpetuating his catalytic impact on User's minds.

Set aside limiting beliefs and ride on the wave of impactful cornucopia.

To leap on a higher vibrational echelon, you must stop tuning in
with the masses and go solo on the path of ascension. You must
program and affirm to you reasons to go higher, and

--> HIGHER <---

Then you'll started being primed and rimmed with an aura that's MAGNETIC.

I get an incredible HIGH when he talks and talks and talks to me
empowering me past the 7th Gate via his tracks. And if you vibrate
high enough, in your next life you'll have everything you desire.

Even on this life.

Seize the power of now.

Sense his acoustic transmittance.

Virtually gravitate to the literal ambrosia and sizzling graciozo.

Fly to the ethers and feel the impetus for pragmatic and monumental growth.

Fulfillment comes to those who smile for no reason.

Sense the serenity and perpetuate the flow.

- George

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