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Psychic Resurgence

Sent December 3rd 2017

 *** New Cosmic Master Program *** Access it online at: More power is within and pending to be activated. Prepare for very powerful trance and a definitive boost in the manifestation process. 20 minutes of hard hitting hypnotism that provokes, change. - Cosmic Master ...

Manifesting Reality with Mind Power

Sent June 12th 2017

I've manifested and even fabricated reality numerous times. The two elements that have been the stepping stone to achieve manifestation, have been the Cosmic Master programming and unshakable faith. It seems as though the powers that be, reward those who emit powerful vibrations on the entire spectrum. You see, when you latch on to the programming, full steam ahead and ostracize doubt, vibrations increase and you become more magnetic. That's also immediately discernable by others and some will be quick to follow your...

Telepathy: Quick How-To

Sent May 20th 2017

How to enhance telepathy: TRY NOT TO THINK OF ANYTHING... when you realize which thoughts are yours and which come from "the air", then you will be telepathic beacon. Learn to silence the mind when appropriate and you'll turn into a "wise guy"...more of a guru. Yes it takes practice and mental balance...but it all boils down to this: BE "NEUTRAL" And you'll be on your way to reading minds, remotely. =1> Silence the mind =2> Acknowledge the fact that you're either: Receiving or Pr...

Hypnosis to Game Reality

Sent March 26th 2017

Gaming reality is a matter of perception. Now you can swerve deep in the abyss of the mind to embrace inconceivable psy-capabilities. Brace yourself with unmetered confidence to actualize the unthinkable. Visualize like a Mastermind with the acoustic deliverance of the Cosmic Master. Access The Player ...

Incredible Manifestations

Sent March 4th 2017

We used to gather with other kids and edified each other. We used to psych up one another to excel in football. Little did other kids know that I was using the power of hypnosis to jolt up the supreme senses of the mind and go out and perform like we never did before. Other kids nagged me that I was into some kind of magic. I don't know... but I kid you not, what happened among us was beyond any shadow of doubt...magical. Out of losses came wins. Same principles apply in life and even in business. You want to st...

Become Highly Telepathic

Sent February 4th 2017

Get in trance - influence minds - boost telepathy. Those three _intertwined_ components will machinate the true power of the mind. This new riveting program can be used to reach a profound level of trance to achieve thought transmittance to a person of interest. You'd typically use this program, whenever you feel so. On demand. It's called: TELEPATHICA Comes as a gift from the Lord of Hypnos - the Cosmic Master. It's a signature type blow to the system. Makes you feel ungodly and powerful, and ultimately, hi...

Open Portals with the Power of Sound

Sent January 10th 2017

Imagine experiencing an unequivocal level of trance and knowing: * What decisions must be made and which to avoid * Visualizing the future by entering a deep state of mind * Experiencing euphoria while in trance Just launch the Visualatrix program while being isolated from reality. Imagine during visualization reaching untold "Highs" just like oracles did and receiving signals from the future because... you opened a portal. A deep connection from the NOW to the UPCOMING. Listen to this program once a wee...

The Ultimate Visualization Tool

Sent January 2nd 2017

It's called Visualatrix. Reach an unfathomable level of trance as the power of the Cosmic Master eventuates inside you. Buckle-up and get ready for an acoustic manifesto of unparalleled magnitude that gives you wings to ethereally split air in half with your new found confidence. The well sharpened spear of hypnotic wizardry at your disposal. Available for immediate download. It's 2017 and you'll be ready to distort time and space of the world around you. Cosmic Master ...

Be the Best You Can Without Blinking Twice

Sent December 24th 2016

The power of the unconscious mind is uncommonly powerful - use it to the furthest extend possible with the power of hypnosis. Just sit-back, and let the acoustic manifesto eventuate inside. ...

Happy Vibes Turn you into a Manifestation Magnet

Sent October 15th 2016

To manifest you have to operate on a certain vibrational level. You must also develop the precognitional ability to start imagining things that could be in your reality even if they are not as of yet. You must also give it enough time for manifestation to happen and "unblock" your self from a conservative point of view. One must consciously keep vibrating on such a level, day in and out to allow the goodness to come through. A positive state of mind is imperative to acknowledge and conceive your desires pr...

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