The Power of Hypnotic Affirmations

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Subject: The Power of Hypnotic Affirmations
Date: September 6th 2016

The greatest thoughts came to me once I started affirming myself to greateness.

"I can do it"
"There has to be some other way too"
"I know there's a way and sooner or later I'll find it"

You see, what I did was "program" my mind with spectacular affirmations.

And that kept me moving...forward.

Out of the blue, I was eager to explore the good things in life, in a

dazzling eerie energy that propelled to keep walking, keep moving forward.

Now I thought to myself, why not automate this process until the mind achieves greatness galore in the shortest humanly possible time?

You see, what actually took place, is that I opened myself a portal.

A gate to ultimate achievement.


As I kept programming my mindset, good things started to occur.

Because it was like a dream coming true, I created The Dream Matrix.

A powerful hypnosis program that influses mighty commands that put you
eons ahead in time...only made for those who have HUMONGOUS GOALS carved
deep in their consciousness
. You can also use this program to force the
subconscious to simulate a parallel reality that sooner or later becomes your reality.

Just use The Dream Matrix up to twice a week for the first month right before you sleep and prepare yourself for the ultimate manifestos.

What will happen, is that you'll want to start taking action to fulfill your dreams that will undeniably become a reality.

Never discount the power of affirmations and hypnotic inductions.

Because they are the salt and pepper of life.

Your greatest investment is IN TIME - make sure your mind operates
at optimal levels like clockwork. I can assure you that within six
months, along with the programming, you'll stumble on some amazing
and self-impeding beliefs will start to crumble down
on your way to mega-achievement.

Just keep walking and never look back.

Just because you can.

- Cosmic Master

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