Happy Vibes Turn you into a Manifestation Magnet

From: "Cosmic Master News" <george@cosmicmaster.com>
Subject: Happy Vibes Turn you into a Manifestation Magnet
Date: October 15th 2016

To manifest you have to operate on a certain vibrational level.

You must also develop the precognitional ability to start
imagining things that could be in your reality even if
they are not as of yet. You must also give it enough
time for manifestation to happen and "unblock" your
self from a conservative point of view.

One must consciously keep vibrating on such a level,
day in and out to allow the goodness to come through.

A positive state of mind is imperative to acknowledge
and conceive your desires prior manifesting in concrete
reality. If you are "possessed" by an unspoken, "silent
confidence" that things are going to work out - they will.

Emotions such as being uplifted and euphoric all time long
(yes it's possible), attribute to a higher awareness that
welcomes positive change. If you're upbeat and poised, an
invisible electric field will surround your aura, that's
magnetic and draws desires like a black hole.

So imagine yourself having the properties of a black hole.

Things will gravitate toward you.

Your energy field will be ultra magnetic.

I noticed that the greatest things gravitated to me
when I was extremely happy, stress-free and kept
visualizing positive thoughts coming to fruition.

It's not a secret that I program my mind along the
way with creations such as Happy Vibes. I use such
programs as this so to automate positive input into
the psyche and the brain. The results have been
spectacular. What you can also do, is light a candle
of your choice, charge it with energy (like an affirmation),
then let it be channeled through you, out to the universe.

Greater Things Will Happen to Those
     with Great Expectations.

Let the hypnotic commands prepopulate your mind.

Find a peaceful place, and delve in serenity.

Allow the programming to sculpt your consciousness.

And you're good to go.


- Cosmic Master


P.S. More often than not, happiness is a choice and happens by intention.


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