Open Portals with the Power of Sound

From: "Cosmic Master News" <>
Subject: Open Portals with the Power of Sound
Date: January 10th 2017

Imagine experiencing an unequivocal level of trance and knowing:

* What decisions must be made and which to avoid
* Visualizing the future by entering a deep state of mind
* Experiencing euphoria while in trance

Just launch the Visualatrix program while being isolated from reality.

Imagine during visualization reaching untold "Highs" just like oracles
did and receiving signals from the future because... you opened a portal.

A deep connection from the NOW to the UPCOMING.

Listen to this program once a week.

And have more control of your destiny. You will start having "traction".

A user reported that this program is as good as seeing through walls.

I agree.

Visualization, when done right can enrich reality to the fullest.

I'm in high spirits because tonight I will have another session.

I just love meddling with the "unknown".

I love spacing out in nirvana and harmonizing with what sound can deliver.

Practically, I reach out to you from an unforeseen dimension
and can feel pulling you in. I feel electrifying energy permeating
my aura right now.


Doesn't take much meditation to achieve inglorious moments like this.

It happens instantaneously!

In fact, the power of trance is your ticket to the other side.

Pave your path inside,
Cosmic Master

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