Become Highly Telepathic

From: "Cosmic Master News" <>
Subject: Become Highly Telepathic
Date: February 4th 2017

Get in trance - influence minds - boost telepathy.

Those three intertwined components will machinate the true power of the mind.

This new riveting program can be used to reach a profound level
of trance to achieve thought transmittance to a person of interest.

You'd typically use this program, whenever you feel so. On demand.

It's called: TELEPATHICA

Comes as a gift from the Lord of Hypnos - the Cosmic Master.

It's a signature type blow to the system. Makes you feel
ungodly and powerful, and ultimately, highly telepathic.

Enjoy the ride to completeness and join the roller coaster
of evolution with this bewildering knack for paramount intelligence.

- Cosmic Master

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