Incredible Manifestations

From: "Cosmic Master News" <>
Subject: Incredible Manifestations
Date: March 4th 2017

We used to gather with other kids and edified each other.

We used to psych up one another to excel in football.

Little did other kids know that I was using the power
of hypnosis to jolt up the supreme senses of the mind
and go out and perform like we never did before.

Other kids nagged me that I was into some kind of magic.

I don't know... but I kid you not, what happened among
us was beyond any shadow of doubt...magical.

Out of losses came wins.

Same principles apply in life and even in business.

You want to stimulate the mind with perfectly crafted
hypnotic commands that trigger an awakening. You can
feel the awakening taking place when you reach fulfillment.

Excel  :=> Everywhere.

So I had to submit myself to the acoustic transmittance of
the Cosmic Master. Delved deep in hypnosis and seized the day.

Energy levels went through the roof. As if I was possessed to
feel obsessed with perfection if you get the drift here.

And it goes even deeper...

Because the power that exists within multiplies when you're
being programmed. And everybody notices your undeniable
vibrations and are drawn to you like a ten-ton magnet.

I'll let you harp on the energy of this message and:


Cosmic Master

P.S. Yes I was using hypnosis without being aware of it as a toddler.

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