Telepathy: Quick How-To

From: "Cosmic Master News" <>
Subject: Telepathy: Quick How-To
Date: May 20th 2017

How to enhance telepathy: TRY NOT TO THINK OF ANYTHING...
when you realize which thoughts are yours and which come
from "the air", then you will be telepathic beacon.

Learn to silence the mind when appropriate and you'll turn
into a "wise guy"...more of a guru. Yes it takes practice
and mental balance...but it all boils down to this:


And you'll be on your way to reading minds, remotely.

=1> Silence the mind
=2> Acknowledge the fact that you're either:
Receiving or Projecting thoughts.

When you "receive" thoughts, you must *think of nothing*.

You're just relaxing on a deeper level with the power
of hypnosis. You go deeper and deeper feeling relaxed
and sensing the universe around you. Let thoughts drift
and slip away from you without holding onto a thought.

Then you will start CHANNELING with your environment
and you will be receiving random messages, even from
the subconscious of others.

Of course, your subconscious needs to be trained.

This ritualistic process is taken care of with the power
of deep trance hypnosis. What fundamentally happens is
that you "disconnect" from this world and open up the
senses to perceive another dimension.

If you go very deep, you might also experience clairvoyance.

Of course, that's classified as forbidden knowledge.

This is something you won't brag about.

Administration of cannabis in combination with hypnosis
has shown elevated levels of euphoria and high awareness.

Fact of the matter is that some of the subjects went ballistic.

But only a fraction of them.

So silencing the mind is crucial. Let hypnosis lift that
burden off your derriere and train your mind to achieve
abundance beyond reason. I have many supernatural stories
to share but I can't - I shouldn't and I wouldn't.

That would draw unwanted attention.

But I can attest this: the power of the mind is
never to be underestimated. Control your mind
and you'll control your world

- Cosmic Master

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