Manifesting Reality with Mind Power

From: "Cosmic Master News" <>
Subject: Manifesting Reality with Mind Power
Date: June 12th 2017

I've manifested and even fabricated reality numerous times.

The two elements that have been the stepping stone to
achieve manifestation, have been the Cosmic Master
programming and unshakable faith. It seems as though
the powers that be, reward those who emit powerful
vibrations on the entire spectrum.

You see, when you latch on to the programming, full steam
ahead and ostracize doubt, vibrations increase and you
become more magnetic. That's also immediately discernable
by others and some will be quick to follow your lead.

This is the time when mental processes and third eye
activation takes place. Especially when you're under
the cosmic hypnotic process that rewires the mind for
close to absolute performance and yes, even psychic

You have to give the psyche a strong *reason* for
activation of ESP abilities to take place. Because
usually it idles down and even remains stagnant.

Sometimes you're "losing" your mind when you undergo
this process because it is a transcendental experience.

This is the exact point where you must persevere with
faith and keep the envisioning part active with the
programming coming to the rescue.

It's like someone you trust upon (the inducer), galvanizes
your mind with refined hypnotic triggers that herald change.

Out of the blue, you feel euphoric as if you're watching
the world under an enchanted "filter" - a deep trance state
of mind. You watch reality reform right before your bedazzled
eyes. Having these abilities make you feel ungodly.

You see, faith pays back in spades and those who become
raving advocates of a supreme mentality, ultimately
transmute into receivers of these ubiquitous gifts.

The Key Benefactor:


Become prepared for astounding serendipity.

Choosing to be grateful 247 is a tough nut to crack.

Fret not and keep walking with that candle burning in you.

Sit back, relax - then glue yourself into the programming
and the transformation will eventuate...seamless.

You're on the right path - keep walking.

- Cosmic Master

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