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The Power of Hypnotic Affirmations

Sent September 6th 2016

The greatest thoughts came to me once I started affirming myself to greateness. "I can do it" "There has to be some other way too" "I know there's a way and sooner or later I'll find it" You see, what I did was "program" my mind with spectacular affirmations. And that kept me moving...forward. Out of the blue, I was eager to explore the good things in life, in a dazzling eerie energy that propelled to keep walking, keep moving forward. Now I thought to myself, wh...

Manifest by Increasing Vibrations

Sent July 13th 2016

If you want to manifest better and faster, you must increase your vibrations. You probably heard it more than a few times... Law of attraction this...vibes this - vibes that. And it gets so cliche. But it's true! We were created with unlimited potential. And one of our abilities is a vibrational one. So how do we increase our vibrations? What works for me is creating an imaginery field. In that field I implant thoughts and scenarios that unfold as if it is a reality. I trick my mind into believing that every mo...

Reality is just a perception.We're living in a dream.

Sent July 7th 2016

About once a week, while falling asleep I listen to the Dream Matrix. While I listen, I get teleported to another world where fantasy meets reality. I am a proficient dreamer. And reality conspirator. You see, when deep trance governs reality, as a subject listener, you get the virtual ticket to the other side. A world of wonders. Imagine closing your eyes and hallucinating to the beat of hypnosis. The magnetic voice of a hypnotist opens a tunnel in your mind and before you know get transported to another ...

Alpha Male Dictator

Sent June 15th 2016

Men Only: Ladies please delete this message This is a new program replacing the old with more powerful commands that turn you into "alpha male" mode by manipulating the subconscious, making you think that you're the best. * The Alpha Male Dictator video * Alpha Male Dictator  access Just what the doctor ordered for a full-fledged alpha male dominance. This program will make you feel more manly than ever and ladies adore that. - Cosmic Master ...

Cosmic Master's Handwritten Money Spell

Sent June 15th 2016

I put my personal touch on a successful "money spell", I've been using for eons until it was made public. Watch the video and see what the fuss is all about. It's the handwritten version of the video spell you're about to watch. Effects usually take place within three weeks to a month, sometimes sooner. It acts as a money bind and you should print it and place it inside a safebox. You can also chant or pronounce the spell as I did in the video. I personally coined it and used it when I was young and...

Killer Persuasion Tips

Sent June 14th 2016

I know you'll enjoy this cajoling one because it can get you far. The more you exercise it, the more your influence will grow. It taps on the ego of your listener. Oh wait, you would be the listener in this case. I like talking brief and cutting down to the chase. So... When in conversation mode, you start asking questions. Questions that revolve around the subject's favorite topics. Then you put emphasis on asking more questions until the subject listener, gets into a mild trance. Because that's what usually ha...

Rehearse Your Success to Manifest

Sent June 6th 2016

That's what some of the most successful authors and directors do. They take a scenario and hammer it down until it pops pixie dust. You see, as you get down to the process, your subconscious will be releasing new information that's up for grabs. Start piecing the missing parts of the puzzle until you get the final image. The more you work on your project, the more flawless and harmonious it will transpire. Prepare for a lot of hurdles and get tripping. Rome wasn't built in a day. Yet the creators were envisioners w...

Tapping into the Parallel Universe with Hypnosis

Sent May 27th 2016

Once every so often, when I get hypnotized reaching deep levels of trance, a blue dot appears right before my eyes and I get sucked in to a spiraling vortex. This takes place when I use the Dream Matrix program. Also my whole place quakes and I get lured in to a matrix for a matter of minutes. It was very frightening at first because I was thinking, I'd never come back. But nowadays I'm addicted to it and teleport to other dimensions, the so called parallel universes which are an alternate version of our reality. D...

Win the Lottery Spells and Affirmations

Sent May 25th 2016

After numerous requests, a new program has manifested into fruition. It's about winning the lottery. You can watch the related "lotto video" on Youtube. I know how all of us fathom the depthless mind-transforming creations of the Cosmic Master, that's why I bend over backwards and fulfill them. - Cosmic Master ...

Prosperity is Manifested Through Perception and Opening Portals Inside The Mind

Sent May 17th 2016

The effects the PROSPECTUS programming have had on me, the first period I've used it. It's amazingly incontrovertible how it affected my thinking process towards the acquisition of material things and how things manifested both inwards and outwards. Day 1-3: Felt terrific about myself and my mind started spinning and coming up with new ideas. I started leaning towards a kind of mindset that made me feel unconquerable. Day 4-15: I began to conceptualize solid ideas that would boost my bottomline and felt the urge to f...

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