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Automatic Talking & Mesmerism

Sent May 3rd 2016

Mesmerism applies in all walks of life and what a better way to convey your message when you don't actually think what you have to say but talk...automatically. Once you apply the Mesmerist programming, what you will notice first hand is that you transmute into an efficient "automatic talker". It's like pushing a button and voila, you're in complete auto-pilot mode in your interactions with just about anybody. That would give you an unfair advantage to up the ante socially so to speak. It's like knowing wha...

Manifestation and The Future

Sent April 18th 2016

I just felt the future for one more time. Not the first time it happened but used affirmations in combo with the Cosmic Master's programming to telepathically connect with the universe. What I've noticed, is that when you become very grateful to who *you* are and blank your mind out, you will start sensing things. You can even provoke things and some will happen, now or in the future. The universe carries the messages you want to receive like future events, faces and places. If you're constantly in trance mode like I...

Success is Intoxicating

Sent April 14th 2016

A definitive psychological boost is cast upon your consciousness by using the Cosmic Master's programming...something that lasts forever...and you can take it literally wherever you may roam. That's why I fathom the programming so much because it inexhaustibly works on the inside to make me feel wonderful. I love spoiling myself with treats and gifts to make me feel in high spirits as I emblazon the commands deep down. I used the mind to remotely influence covert stuff that are very personal and reaped the forbidden ...

Love Spell for Captivating Charm

Sent March 25th 2016

Long term spells work. But it really depends the way they're crafted. That's why I created this "love spell" to be and feel more charming. It works like an odorless aroma that accompanies you everywhere you may roam. It will even give you a psychological boost to feel terrific about yourself, even so captivating. Spells sometimes are more powerful than affirmations because they create a "bind" deep in the subconscious. Get ready to cajole the masses and activate your infinite charm. You will ins...

Hypnosis Made him Become Irresistible

Sent March 20th 2016

He noticed her standing across the aisle. A quick peep gave out her dazzling elegance. He knew it was her...he was looking for her the last two decades. Yet she remained a stranger. "I will get close, I'll court her, afterall the programming urges me to make that slick move". Out of the blithely blue, a good dose of pride swell in his bubonic area. He poised with more than ample of manhood to find an excuse and introduce himself. Presto, before he moved three breaths closer, she smiled back. Definitely a...

Become Eudaimonic

Sent March 19th 2016

When you find pleasedom and have a permanent and pronounced sense of euphoria. That's when the magic happens. When you feel this level of exaltation and siphon life like a voracious being. You even chuckle because your highly analytic mind distorts reality and you find joy by depthening even where the sun don't shine. Since the work is Greek, I'd dare to assume that in those bygone eras, many Greeks were eudaimonics. Imagine being possessed by a permanent sense of euphoria. Weight training, several activities, weed ...

Possession = The answer to true power and enlightenment

Sent March 17th 2016

I know you're interested in this burning topic. I have a few answers for you. If you are possessed there's not a single most alluring feeling in the world. And no worries, exorcism won't move a feather, won't touch you. Exorcism is preposterous and invented by weaklings. You see, if you're possessed by a demon-GOD, you will feel truly blessed and uncommonly empowered. He will take over your senses and make you feel strong, very strong and gifted. Your acumen will be through the roof and you'll be reading peopl...

Expand Your Mind and Greet Your Higher Self

Sent March 15th 2016

If you systematically delve into hypnosis, in the passage of time new patterns will developed. What you essentially do, is de-program your mind from society's clout and start immersing deep into the realms of the unknown... where your higher being vibrates. I enjoy taking action, break the mould and change my destiny. Destiny although carved in stone, can be changed. Let the sheer power of the will guide you to uninvestigated and Atlantean paths of self-discovery. Change the course of action, by breaking down the pa...

How to Activate Mind Power and the Law of Attraction

Sent March 11th 2016

Consistency is key. It's imperative to listen/watch the Cosmic Master programs twice a week or more if you enjoy them that much. For instance, I plug into the programming when: * I fall asleep (they work "backstage", right in the crux of the subconscious) * Every fullmoon (when the universe "listens") * Whenever I receive the calling / when fuming Mary Janes If you have at your disposal more than one Cosmic Master programs - rotate them to maximize the effect and keep you at your toes for more exc...

Dreams Show and Affect the Future

Sent February 29th 2016

Two simple words to see the future via dreams. Repeat (as often you *feel so* - up to thrice a week is enough): "Reveal to me". There are the powers that be that have most control of our dreams. However, the future is unveiled to those who know how to provoke it. Sometimes dreams will be lucid, encoded or random. Nonetheless, they almost always have something to reveal. In a matter of time, when programmed you will have more control of the dream world. And influence others through the matrix. The conse...

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