Stop Your Body Resisting Healthy Weightloss
In Its' Tracks and Sculpt a Physique Everybody
                           Will Envy

This bizarre weight loss program deprograms the
subconscious of negative beliefs, supercharges
your self esteem and practically forces weight
to go down.

Chances are you've tried almost everything and
still weight loss is a royal pain to deal with.

Simply sit back and listen to Cosmic Change every
so often and slash weight fast with the unorthodox
techniques deployed in this fat-melting audio.

=> You'll no longer have to apply any "extreme"
techniques that put a toll on your health and
mental sanity.

=> It still won't matter when you have that
extra snack or cheat meal; bodyweight will
force its way *down*.

=> Increase your self-worth, simply by being
acoustically empowered with Cosmic Change.

=> No more stress and anxiety of what to eat.
This program will "rewire" your mind into
thinking that more is less!

You see, this program contains such commands
that are immediately grasped by the subconscious mind
and make you feel bloated even if you binge a little.

Just imagine how fast the results will come, when you
feel *satisfaction* even by modest eating. Imagine
eating 1/5 of the amount of food you consume right envision the potential for a minute...

You Will Feel Fabulous

* Your mirror will become your best friend as
you smirk with confidence peeking at your reflection.

* You will feel as if you are born again

* You will feel sexy as heck

* You will feel "sorry" for eating more and will
have a dramatic impact when it comes to sculpting
a chiseled body...a beach body - what a head turner!

Plus claim back your dwindling confidence. Forget about
the pain you have to put up with, eating less. Forget
about long sales pitches that boggle your mind only to add
more to your confusion...that leads you into nowhere land.

More and more "weight slackers" make the smart move and
gain access to this unorthodox audio that puts into action
shrewd commands and a certain type of white noise that gets
you in trance. Just let it play and carve success in the
crux of the subconscious mind.

What are you waiting for? It's time for a change. After all,
you made a pledge to yourself that things are about to change.

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Also contains inductions to increase personal intelligence,
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Recommended usage: Once a week or twice a month
File type: mp3 (zipped) 22.1 mb
Price: $77


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