Deep Trance Your Way to The Top

                                 The Awakener 2 is a powerful program made to awaken
                                   the mind for new possibilities made to boost your
                                  inner dynamic and welcome a radical transformation.
                                    Now the Law of Attraction kicks into gear for those
                                            who are prepared to become awakened.

Ascension is Just Around The Corner

The effects of the Awakener 2 are undeniably potent
and glide directly to the subconscious, generating
a trance inducing effect that brings to the surface
the most dominant characteristics for those who subject
themselves to the echoic transmittance of the Cosmic Master.

Time to get your hand deep in the cookie jar and
acknowledge power as time permits. Because the
opportunity to become part of this riveting
phenomenon is up for grabs. Allow the power of
sound to penetrate deep in your subconscious and
feel the thrill of a magnanimous yet cathartic
experience. Time to kickstart your reality and
walk on the uncharted territories of the psyche.

Time to reckon unprecedented levels of intelligence,
enlightenment and auto-pilot manifestos. Buckle yourself up for
the ride of your life for a chaotic transmittance,
channeling with powerful forces and unwalked paths
of the subconscious/psyche.

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Duration: 28 minutes - Program 1
12:20 minutes - Program 2

File type: WMV
Price: €1687