Powerful hypnosis programs for the inquisitive mind:

Hypnoblast: Triggers your subconscious mind to unveil the future.
Give your inner mind the signals it needs to get in touch with future places and events.

Selective Memory Booster: Develop selective memory levels. Memorize and recall places
and events while being hypnotized. Derive critical information from your inner vault.
The subconscious mind stores information that must be recalled on later dates. Use this
program to your advantage and create a robust mind that will long serve you.

Cosmic Master Matrix: Metaphysical technology in the works. What the doctor ordered for
lucid dreams and insane manifestation. It also alters your personality into that of a
powerful persona that excavates deep in the realms of an alternate reality. Powerful
stuff in the works for the up and coming social dynamo. You will never be the same
when you enter the matrix. Enter and exit unscathed while you're being hypnotized
to add metaphysical elements in your lifestyle... you will be "highpnotized" from
a never seen before intelligence.

Use these programs whenever you receive "the calling" to enter the realms of the unknown.

Enjoy your newly found power with over 38 minutes of intense hypnosis. Get all these programs in one pack.

File types: WMV
Price: 150

Three for the price of two