Access the most empowering hypnosis downloads on the entire planet. Sense the acoustic transmittance of the Cosmic Master and uncap your potential, realize the power of the subconscious mind and concoct amazing manifestos. The World is Yours.

Everything you read in this letter is an understatement about what can be done with
remote influence and the potential behind this unorthodox technique that can't be
deployed in textbook style, shape and form. The power of cosmic hypnosis unchained
and unleashed eases one to exploit the true secret esoteric capacity stashed within...

Success is in "the programming"

Remote Charmer is the heavily muscled hypnotic program that with raw power reinforces the
remote influencing potential. The hypnotic quality is resplendent and will easily put you
in "trance mode" to affect reality from a distance. Feels like having entered another
dimension where exposure to the other side boosts in proportion.

                              Atmospheric and Electric-like Quality Allows you to Focus on the Target.

First, it inspires a firm belief in your esoteric dynamic and second brings
into play puissant, enchanting intuitional forces, leaving any scruples behind.

                                          Inherit All The Traits Ascribed to High-Level Key Players.

You will be able to charm men and women to inconspicuously, fatten them for the thrill and fan
the intimacy factor in hot flames. This hypnotic instrument is as effective as an acetylene torch. It works
by stimulating the subconscious mind into periodic bursts of activity coupled by whorled confidence levels.

In short it skyrockets self esteem to the moon. The supreme acoustic deliverance reverberates within,
increasing your vibrations across the ethers and transmitting your influence to just about anyone you
intent to charm. It's so potent that splits air in half the very instant you flick the play button.

Highly recommended for an immensely lucrative modus vivendi, as your authority levels craftily pile up. Just what
the doctor ordered for a deft manipulation of future events. A realtor from Kansas who prefers to remain anonymous,
used this program for three short weeks and soon had customers aplenty by leveraging the intuition factor. He virtually hacked into the minds of prospective customers first for fun and then for profit. He got away with it as nobody had a clue what hit them: "I reached a bizarre state of mind and can't tell what exactly happened during the course of the program but it is a notable fact that I felt as if gravity just wasn't there for me and when I was least expecting it,
I could read folks like an open book...even impose my desires at will. This is a new area of competence for me, fostering times of intense profitability and loafing with the big boys and members of upper management in this bloody industry.  My work status deepened, capitalizing on human needs is now done with genuine leadership talent. I can now tailor my pitch accordingly to specific types of individuals by getting a glimpse of the inner workings of their mental predispositions".

                                                              Intuition + Remote Influence = Mega Success

Remote Charmer is bundled with affirmative statements / inductions that make all the difference and if you're like most soon-to-be pioneers you won't initially realize the importance of this innovation until the very instant you live
the experience. It builds up for you an unsloped atmosphere buckling you up in a hot seat for stupefying mind power.

If you want to bond with people fast and rule with prowess, win in the seduction game and mesmerize the masses you want to have this tool in your grip. You will enjoy the process. You will make more out of nothing purely with remote mind power and financially it will not get any better. Perhaps you've tried tutoring programs in the past with little to show for it but that is about to change as this systematized process automates the mental processes to titanic success.

Go ahead, wheedle your way and charm women who will readily open their hearts in the affinity game and could profess to having found the apotheosis over instant intimacy. You can dominate women in a laissez-faire fashion, like you've owned the blatant right to conduct freely and earn their loyalty. The traits and mannerism and thought process of the most successful "serial players" is synopsized by means of catalytic hypnotism with Remote Charmer.

Hypnotism that is like smiling and continuing down the hall toward the office...flip on the light and find a clandestine
folder with your name on it. Put the folder in the briefcase as it contains the details on your one-way trip to personal power.

Now open the folder and rummage through the details as it contains the charts that portray your progress. It's you in there all the way and thanks to the programming you'll never look back again as you've knocked the ball out of the park this time.

                                                                        Get People Affected from a Distance
                                                                                          & Leave No Trails

Your "targets" will impute attraction due to chemical magnetism and will never know that you insidiously use
"remote influence" to up the ante. As a byproduct, your booming socialization skills embed in your target's psyche.

This incisive digital apparatus is the device which enables the subject to "enact their play", be treasured and treated
royally in every walk of life, in rapid succession. You will invariably depend upon this program prior making any move.

The program prompts you intelligently to focus on your target and remotely pass on your thoughts to them. You can even use it to massively increase confidence levels and intuitively evaporate negative beliefs at the same time because it contains fantabulous, cryptic commands that are subconsciously registered, in the crux of your mental processes.

For your viewing pleasure use stereoscopic 3D glasses (red/cyan) because the more you entrain the mind, the higher the focus and the greater the effects of the program that additionally uses pop-out 3d text to implant definitive commands.

* Carve / bend reality with remote influence that's hard to resist

* Lead a carefree lifestyle enjoying the perks of your influence.

* Catapult to the top using definitive subconscious manipulation

* Gain more customers using surreptitious remote influence and scorching charisma.

* Tame the UNDOMISTICATED SPIRIT and grow a new self out of you, etherically forging personal success.

* Arise with staggering confidence levels by the first session (and intuitively grow to assert your rights and opinions).

* Elevate your social status and ascend higher on the success ladder.

* Psychologically deliberating orchestrated hypnosis with state of the art sound effects.

There are two programs inside. One lasts 14:24 minutes and the other 18:12 minutes. Download both after you check out.

File type: WMV
Price: €399


If you have a Mac, you can use VLC or any third party software to open a Windows file. Files come in the *.wmv extension. Listen once or twice a week while being relaxed and poised to win. If you believe that The World Is Yours, so it may be. Listen while being in trance and stimulate your ability to envision. Remember - with great power comes great responsibility.