Cosmic Master Programs:

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* Awakener 2: Experience enlightenment and a powerful awakening

* The Player: Cultivate a powerful psyche for personal power.

* Gregarious Drive : Become a powerful socializer

* Amazing Consciousness : Empowers the psyche and subconscious.

* Visualatrix: The Ultimate visualization tool for success creation.

* Bombastic Confidence: Excel in all areas of life and be unstoppable.

* Alpha Male Dictator: For wicked alpha male confidence, virility and attraction.

* Sleeper: Rejoice a quality, deep trance sleep and enjoy every minute of it.

* Happy Vibes: Be happy, positive, eliminate bad habits and rejoice a beautiful relaxation.

* Astral Trip: Binaural beat combined with hypnosis for an amazing Astral Travel.

* Personal & Business Success: Fine-tunes your mindset for mega achievement.

* Telepathica: Boost your telepathic powers.

* The Awakener: Shows you the path to experience enlightenment and an awakening.

* El Manifesto: Contains uplifting messages and hypnotic suggestions to manifest reality.

* ESP hypnosis: The flagship program, called The Cosmic Master Matrix brings you
in a hypnotic state of mind to experience paranormal events and connect with an unseen
spiritual world. Three manifestation programs in one pack.

* The Fighter: Hypnosis for martial artists and combat sports.

* Ms Lucida (The Seductress): Confidence building / visualization for women.

X-FILES: Recordings made for personal power.

Dream Matrix : For personal power and occult words that blast through The Universe
Psychic Resurgence : Unlock the hidden potential and esoteric powers 
Creativity Booster : It all starts with a single idea...
Attract Luck : Unorthodox way to attract luck and keep bad energies away.


* Handwritten money spell: The Cosmic Master's signature spell.
* Win the lottery spells: Spells and sure-fire hypnosis to attract the winning numbers.
* Love Spell: Charm spell to make you be and feel lovable.
* Seduction Spell: Become seductive spell.

If you have a Mac, you can use VLC or any third party software to open a Windows file. Files come in the *.wmv extension. Listen once or twice a week while being relaxed and poised to win. If you believe that The World Is Yours, so it may be. Listen while being in trance and stimulate your ability to envision. Remember - with great power comes great responsibility.

Tip: Listen/Watch the programs whenever you feel so and rotate them for best effects if you have more than one
in your collection. Why not light up a joint to experience deep trance and euphoria so your subconscious imbibes
the messages more drastically. In most cases manifestation takes time to crystallize so enjoy the journey.