Cosmic Master Programs:

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^ Psychic Resurgence : Unlock the hidden potential and esoteric powers 

* Awakener 2: Experience enlightenment and a powerful awakening

* The Player: Cultivate a powerful psyche for personal power.

* Gregarious Drive : Become a powerful socializer

* Amazing Consciousness : Empowers the psyche and subconscious.

* Visualatrix: The Ultimate visualization tool for success creation.

* Bombastic Confidence: Excel in all areas of life and be unstoppable.

* Alpha Male Dictator: For wicked alpha male confidence, virility and attraction.

* Sleeper: Rejoice a quality, deep trance sleep and enjoy every minute of it.

* Happy Vibes: Be happy, positive, eliminate bad habits and rejoice a beautiful relaxation.

* Astral Trip: Binaural beat combined with hypnosis for an amazing Astral Travel.

* Personal & Business Success: Fine-tunes your mindset for mega achievement.

* Telepathica: Boost your telepathic powers.

* The Awakener: Shows you the path to experience enlightenment and an awakening.

* El Manifesto: Contains uplifting messages and hypnotic suggestions to manifest reality.

* ESP hypnosis: The flagship program, called The Cosmic Master Matrix brings you
in a hypnotic state of mind to experience paranormal events and connect with an unseen
spiritual world. Three manifestation programs in one pack.

* The Fighter: Hypnosis for martial artists and combat sports.

* Ms Lucida (The Seductress): Confidence building / visualization for women.

X-FILES: Recordings made for personal power.


* Handwritten money spell: The Cosmic Master's signature spell.
* Win the lottery spells: Spells and sure-fire hypnosis to attract the winning numbers.
* Love Spell: Charm spell to make you be and feel lovable.
* Seduction Spell: Become seductive spell.

Tip: Listen/Watch the programs whenever you feel so and rotate them for best effects if you have more than one
in your collection. Why not light up a joint to experience deep trance and euphoria so your subconscious imbibes
the messages more drastically. In most cases manifestation takes time to crystallize so enjoy the journey.