Reprogram the mind and rewire your thinking patterns to attract more prosperity in your life. When you submerge deep in the realms of the subconscious with the acoustic transmittance of the Cosmic Master, you can't help but make a quantum leap to the uncharted territories of the psyche.


This riveting echoic manifesto, named PROSPECTUS will empower you all the way to thinking and growing richer.  Timely proven commands, mold your perception to creating a "money awareness" thus manifesting opportunities with a sheer tendency to excel. This opportunistic symphony of bewitching words and commands, procreate a proclivity to have a bent for wealth creation.


Who else touches the fabric of your subconscious mind like the mega hypnotist [CM] par excellence to vibrate with determinable positivity and immaculate mannerism to attract opulence. As the hypnotic clock ticks away, you harmonically cultivate an unfathomable knack to cut the ribbon to unforeseen opportunities.


The tuneful hypnotizing concoction, will attune your senses to unhitch and unlock the vault in the subconscious mind. Beneath the layer of the conscious mind are gems kept in the dark aka information that could turn you prosperous. If worst comes to worst…they are never to be found because the survival instinct comes into play, preventing you from making bold and shrewd decisions in your daily diatribe. Yet there's a…


                                                     A Way to Cloak the Mind to Perceive and Achieve Prosperity


                                        Money Spells, Affirmations and Hypnosis Inductions that manifest wealth creation


Throw the safety hinges out of the equation and transform into a lucrative moneymaking apparatus with the power of visualization and guided imagery of the hypnosis master. Just launch PROSPECTUS whenever you feel so and program the mind for a no holds barred realization that breeds winners in every walk of life. Feel the change occurring in your attitude, channel with your supreme self and rejoice the ultimate transformation.


  • Reach a deep level of trance and deepen in the root of the subconscious with altered states of mind
  • Includes spells to bind an affluent reality
  • Rack up new levels of intelligence thanks to a new proprietary formulation
  • Manifest an auspicious future and stack up the odds by your side
  • Feel the transformation taking place as you tune in with PROSPECTUS



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Duration: 30:17 minutes
File type: WMV
Price: €99