The RainMaker is someone who makes things happen. It could be you.

          For The First Time Ever, Hypnosis

      Causes Tidal Waves of Mind Numbing

       Inductions that are as good as nirvana.


This is exceptionally powerful programming to manifest secret desires into reality. The Law of Attraction kicks into gear for those who initiate in the mystical wonders this program invokes. Listen to this program prior falling asleep to experience a reality brimming with joy and abundance.

Watch how the world changes around you...take a look at the signs heralding future events revolving around your best interests. Don't take this message for granted and acquire this program for it will be one of the most sound investments you've ever made because this programming pays back in spades.



Take your meditation to a spectacular new level and turn quite a few thoughts into reality. Don't miss out on the chance to become what is yet to come. Space out and enter altered states of mind with a trance inducing effect mimicking those of a potent substance. This is a unique program for unique people who love trancing out in the realms of the soul and making things happen.

  • Improves Deep Trance Meditation by over 300%

  • Encourages the mind to come up with solutions

  • Breath-taking inductions that are carved deep in the crux of the mind

  • Manifest with extreme mind power (combine it with The Awakener II and The Super Consciousness Matrix for maximum impact in terms of manifestation).

Also improves the ability to envision at least 7 times or more. Just allow the hypnotic track to gain control of the Supreme Consciousness, sit back and relax...let the mind drift to fulfulling dimensions.


                           ENCROACH TO THE FAST LANE OF

                                         UNTOLD DYNAMIC  

Acoustic effects that are unparalleled and weave deep in the Supreme Consciousness we all have but never stimulated it to reap the dividends. 

Access these messages that are coming from outerspace - a radically different mindset that knows when to dare or when to accept the power.

Buckle up and boost your meditation capabilities by an astronomical rate as you enjoy this process.  Even get in trance and experience parallel realities and transcendence. Listen to this program and get in deep levels of trance to improve visualization on a quantum level.

      Then Send Your Queued Visualization to The Universe For Faster  Materialization

We call it a queued job which transpires deep in the mind. Then you start doing the right things that will bring you closer to your manifestation, automatically. You'll keep making the right decisions until that which you desire the most, comes to you. The Rainmaker causes change and if positive change is that you're after, you're crossing the right path. Just don't deviate from your big master plan and don't flinch.


                                                                             Gain Instant Access



Duration 19:22 minutes
File type: WMV
Price:€425 €370

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