Win The Lottery Spells & Hypnosis

Disclaimer: There are no guarantees for predictions. What this program does, is enhance your intuition and awareness about numbers.

To stack the odds in your favor and become the next Lottery Winner, you must think with a certain frame of mindset and reach deep trance levels. This "lottery winning" program contains spells, affirmations and hypnotic inductions that bring you clarity to envision the winning numbers. What you will instantly notice is that you can visualize numbers in the back of your head and even trigger the "third eye" to reveal the winning numbers.

Your subconscious already knows the numbers so you need to plunge deep esoterically to extract them and attune with your higher self. If you really want to win the lottery, you must visualize and even use spells to accelerate the chances of being the next mega-millions winner. Cast out all the negativity there is and ride on the wave of mega fortunes.

Duration: 11:37 minutes
File type: WMV
Price: €21