Welcome to the other side of the fence where potent hypnosis eventuates deep inside your psyche. Rejoice the paramount acoustic transmittance of the Cosmic Master and never look back again.

Therefore we embrace inner abilities that will lead us to unequivocal growth and the Cosmic Master is here to show us the way.

CM'S X-Files hypnosis programs:

* Quantum Spirit: Deploy new ESP abilities. Gain More control in life by exploiting the inner potential.

* Psionic Charmer: For unparalleled personal magnetism.

* Electric Confidence: Skyrocket your confidence and give a boost to your visualization powers.

* Super Consciousness Matrix: Fabricate a propitious future with deep trance guidance.

* Vision X: Immediate ESP (extra sensory perception) and Law of Attraction Activation.

* Psionic Alpha: Charm and mesmerize them to do your bidding. Give signals to your subconscious to become the ultimate ALPHA MALE.

* Cool Cosmos: Positive changes manifestation

          Next Release Time: Unknown